A few tips and recommendations for a wedding dance

  • Leave enough time  for dance lessons! Often, couples arrive at the studio only a week or two before the wedding, still hoping to create a spectacular wedding dance.
    Take under consideration that every couple has different goals and a different learning curve. Give yourself time to enjoy the learning experience, achieve your goals, so that you’ll be comfortable and confident on your big day. 
  • Choose your music wisely! Some songs are more danceable than others. Bring your favorite songs to our first meeting, and we will help you screen the most suitable genre and song for your wedding. 
  • Ladys, know the limitations of your dress! When you’re trying on your wedding dress, try dancing a little. Can you raise your hands? When you walk backwards, are you stepping on it? Is the bottom of the dress very wide or it restricts your movement? Study your dress well and make sure to let us know, so that we can build your choreography accordingly. 
  • Practice while wearing your wedding shoes! To avoid surprises on the dancefloor, it is important to practice the dance while wearing the shoes you’ll be wearing at the wedding. This will make you get used to them and be comfortable on the big day. Girls, make sure you choose shoes with a heel height you can handle! 


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