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בלב תל אביב, לא רחוק מתיאטרון הבימה, שוכן המרכז שלנו, סטודיו דאנס תל אביב.

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In the heart of Tel Aviv, not far from Habima Square, lies our home, Dance Tel Aviv. Our studio has a fully equipped dance hall that allow our professional and enthusiastic teachers to teach many students.
Or at least anyone who really wants to dance freely and with endless pleasure, whether he has experience or not. We established Dance Tel Aviv Studio out of love and passion for dancing and connecting with people, and out of the complete belief that everyone can dance, with the right teacher and the will to dance.


Our studio specializes in couples dancing in general and in social dancing, which is the hot international trend that leads Today.
Social dances are not competitive and are based on rotating couples, so there is no obligation to come with a partner, but only with the desire to dance and enjoy.


A passionate Argentine Tango, sexy Salsa or sensual Bachata, Forró or Blues and of course classical Ballroom dancing and Latin-American dancing can take you on a journey around the Globe and makes you feel part of many different cultures. The energetic Swing or West Coast Swing allows personal and creative expression.
Whatever dance style you desire, we will find the best teacher who
can teach you to dance, even if you think you have two left legs.


Dancing – whoever has experienced our events and lessons knows well- is a unique opportunity that combines a lot of fun, fitness, social gathering, excellent music and electrifying atmosphere.
Just bring yourself, the rest is on us.

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