Dancing with Parkinson’s

When? Sunday and Thursday at 10:00 (you can also take one lesson a week)

The program that is making wonders in the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease and Movement disorder. Tel Aviv Dance Studio has a unique program that contributes to the physical and mental coping of Parkinson’s patients with a variety of dance styles. The program was developed after a long study by Sean Ziv, the owner, and Liron Bubash, a teacher in the studio, whose father suffers with Parkinson’s disease.
In recent years more and more Parkinson’s patients have found that dancing helps them deal with the disease and sometimes even inhibit its development. The positive feedback of patients participating in the dance program and their families speaks for themselves, but studies were carried out for a year after the program participants examined their impact on the severity of the disease and the physical functioning of patients participating in the dance program compared with patients who are not participating in the program.
The studies have shown clinically that after the dance classes there was a significant reduction in the severity of the disease, including a significant improvement in walking, balance, upper limb functioning, and more.

Parkinson’s is a neurological disease that affects brain function. Symptoms include: tremor, slowness in movement, stiffness of the body, loss of coordination, instability and more. Dance and music contribute significantly and proven to brain development, which is essential for Parkinson’s patients. The dance trains the brain in renewed control of movement and parts of the body, remembering long sequences of movements, the movement of consciousness in body movement, and more. Music contributes with and without dancing, using the Queuing effect, by helping the brain signal the need for movement and dictating a rhythm for continuous movement.

Beyond the physical benefits, the emotional contribution of the joyful and energetic environment in which the patients are present during the dance adds to their joy of life and mental ability to cope with the disease and its consequences. The program’s dedicated dance classes offer a wide range of dance styles and are guided by professional teachers. The lessons are held in an enjoyable family atmosphere, with an emphasis on improving posture, coordination, fine motor skills, strengthening muscles and expanding range of movement. The lessons are suitable for everyone and no prior knowledge of dance is required. We also invite you to join us.

Who does it fit?

Anyone coping with Parkinson’s disease and Movement disorders. It is recommended to come with spouses or companions. Suitable for all levels and does not require prior experience.

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