Movement Workshop

A special and surprising workshop that brings a different angle outside the box that will cause employees / staff personal empowerment, improving staff workability, decision making, delivering and providing solutions for stress and emergency situations, spatial vision and all through the combination of movement and dance with unique methods that translate motion information into daily understanding and application. A token dropping experience.
Movement and dance, which are among the various types of physical activity have various advantages in improving our physical health. Dance also has prominent emotional benefits. Being a tool for improvement of Self-awareness and self-confidence, it promotes personal interaction and emotional communication. Along with much fun, the dancers create a unique experience in a shared space of leading and following, Flow and creativity, which creates a sense of security, which allows for personal and emotional expression. Dance, and the couple dance in particular, as a means of communication and dialogue management by non-verbal means, Growth and expansion of listening, coordination, sharing and reciprocal capabilities.

Among our clients: Bank Leumi, Michal Negrin, schools, embassy treatment teams at Maccabi hospital and more.
The dance workshop for staff members invites you to experience, personal and group, of connection, fun, laughter and joy

For more details, contact the Director of Dance Tel Aviv, Sean Ziv

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