In honor of the new year, Sean Ziv, of the founders and builders of the studio, told us of dancing and renewal, and what it all has to do with Harvard University.

Not long ago I returned after visiting Harvard University, where I spoke about dancing and its influences on people with different limitations. From the dawn of times, dancing was a pre-phase of something good, and it is for this reason exactly that nature chose to reward the dancers shortly after. Animals excelling in their courting-dance, […]

So, What are we Dancing Today?

We decided to write a series of short articles about the different genres of ballroom dancing, elaborating about each genre’s style and character. We can compare the variety of dance genres to the different shades of color, together they all make a bright white light, but they also stand alone. Ballroom dancing is quite the […]

This is how you can use dancing to improve your relationship!

5 Interesting points about Ballroom Dancing and improving relationships:  “He will take responsibility” During the dance, the leader has to choose and plan the moves, learn how to lead, how to listen to the rhythm as they go, navigate their way on the dancefloor, and grant a sense of calmness and security. This might sound […]

A few tips and recommendations for a wedding dance

Leave enough time  for dance lessons! Often, couples arrive at the studio only a week or two before the wedding, still hoping to create a spectacular wedding dance. Take under consideration that every couple has different goals and a different learning curve. Give yourself time to enjoy the learning experience, achieve your goals, so that […]

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