Ballroom dancing is a group of five classical couples’ dances:

Waltz: Elegant couples dance in a three-quarters rhythm from Austria-Hungary. The movements of the dance and rhythm give a sense of floating in the room. There are two types of waltz – English waltz, which dance at a slower pace, faster Viennese waltz, which is characterized by many turns.

Tango: Tango is originally a dramatic dance of couples originating in Argentina, but the tango that is danced in Ballroom dance competitions has a European character. The Ballroom tango is more reserved than Argentine tango and maintains a balance between elegance and passion.

Foxtrot: American dance couples, identified with the dance style of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Although the foxtrot looks light but requires high body control, it is considered one of the most complex styles of ballroom dancing.

Quick Step: A quick, bouncy dance with many jumps, but according to the rules of ballroom dancing, the couple still have to stick together. It is hard to catch the Quick Step pace and the dance requires a complex work of the legs and the entire lower body.

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