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ישנן הרבה סיבות לרקוד, פיזיות, נפשיות ורגשיות. למעשה, לריקוד יש רק יתרונות, והוא יכול להתאים לכל גיל, וכל מה שנשאר לכם לעשות זה לבחור את סגנון הריקוד המועדף עליכם.


Ballroom dancing is a group of five classical couples’ dances:

Waltz: Elegant couples dance in a three-quarters rhythm from Austria-Hungary. The movements of the dance and rhythm give a sense of floating in the room. There are two types of waltz – English waltz, which dance at a slower pace, faster Viennese waltz, which is characterized by many turns.

Tango: Tango is originally a dramatic dance of couples originating in Argentina, but the tango that is danced in Ballroom dance competitions has a European character. The Ballroom tango is more reserved than Argentine tango and maintains a balance between elegance and passion.

Foxtrot: American dance couples, identified with the dance style of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Although the foxtrot looks light but requires high body control, it is considered one of the most complex styles of ballroom dancing.

Quick Step: A quick, bouncy dance with many jumps, but according to the rules of ballroom dancing, the couple still have to stick together. It is hard to catch the Quick Step pace and the dance requires a complex work of the legs and the entire lower body.

Latin American dance

Latin dances are also a group of dance styles originating in South America. While in Ballroom style where there is a certain restrained and elegant European character, the Latin dance is freer and more sensual and
the clothing is more revealing.

Cha cha cha: a dance that originates from Cuba and is all about love, courtship and control. The movements in Cha Cha Cha are strong, sharp and emphatic.

Samba: A Brazilian dance that is familiar from the carnival. The samba of the Latin dance dances at the
rhythm of the bouncy and is more sensual and less sexual than the familiar samba of the carnival.

Rumba: The Rumba is considered the dance of love and originated in Cuba. It is a slow dance relative to the rest of the Latin dances and expresses man’s courtship after the sensual lover.

Paso Doble comes from Spain and incorporates flamenco movements. The dance is an expression of the Spanish bullfight, when the man is the matador and the woman is the bull or the red cloth that the matador waves to the bull.

Jive: a light and happy dance that is all a game between lovers, when a woman teases a man and he pursues her.

Merengue: The origin of the meringue is the black slaves who lived in the Dominican Republic, who imitated their white masters’ dances but made them interesting, adding rhythms and drumming with their feet. Today the Merengue is one of the most popular dances in the world and is a happy and jumpy Dance.


Salsa is one of the most popular dance styles today in the world in general and in Israel in particular.
Salsa is a sexy, sensual, fast and passionate dance that promises high energy and electricity in the air.

The salsa originated in Cuba in the 1950s, and its development to Salsa, which we know today, was influenced by musicians and dancers from Puerto Rico, Miami and New York. The salsa has evolved from a mambo dance and the name “Salsa” is short for “Mambo Con Salsa”, meaning mambo with hot sauce, and there is no doubt that Salsa is the most intense dance there is.


The Bachata dance was born in the Dominican Republic and since it is a Latin dance style, the Bachata is a sensual dance style and is very common in various nightclubs around the world. The modern Bachata style is called “Sensual Bachata” and combines elements of a variety of other styles such as Tango or Zouk, Lambda, Hip Hop, Salsa and more. Most of the Latin dances, including the Bachata, are based on structure and rules but allow for personal expression and creativity, and are therefore very popular among Latin dance lovers.

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is the source of the classic tango that everyone knows. A dance full of passion and sensuality, born in the dark clubs of Buenos Aires and gaining worldwide sympathy at the beginning of the 20th century. Argentine Tango is indeed sexy but maintains its prestige and can be challenging, physically and intellectually, but completely addictive, in the best sense of the word.

Swing – Lindy Hop Swing

The classic swing was created in the legendary Savoy club in Harlem in the early 1930s, and quickly became the most popular dance style in the United States, spreading from all over the world to swing and evolved to a style called Lindy-hop, Such as Jitterbug, Rock’n’Roll, and Jive, which are considered to be more modern swing styles. In the 1980s, the bouncy and joyful swing has gained popularity and since then it has starred in all the capitals of the world, Swing is an energetic and playful dance that fills the body with good energies of joy , And it seems that this is the reason for its great polarity today.

West Coast Swing (WCS)

The West Coast Swing, or in short WCS, is a modern version of the fast swing, slower, smoother and sexier. The WCS developed in the 1940s in the West Coast Blues Clubs, and today it can be danced to the sound of any music: blues, pop, soul, rap or R&B. It is considered one of the hottest dance styles in the world today.


The Kizomba is a beautiful and rustic African couple dance that known from it’s sensuality, danced in an embrace.
A music and familiar dance originating in Angola, an evolution of Semba. The music is a combination of Semba and Zouk (from Martinique and Guadalupe).
The dance allows dancers to connect to themselves, the music and especially their partners.
The aim in Kizomba is to bring the couple to a state of total harmony by means of flow, body movement and refined musicality.


The Forró Dance is a dance that comes from northeast Brazil and is one of the most sensual dances. In Forró, the couple are attached to each other, hugging each other, clinging to each other, moving perfectly in movements that show to each other, yet the movement is varied and interesting. The steps in the dance are circular steps and there are also complex steps including spinning and more, and all in all it is a light and happy dance.


Blues is a certain music style but also a type of Dance. Like the music, it developed in Afro-American slave communities in the southern United States at the end of the 19th century. In the dance, the blues includes several styles, all under the name blues, and they will always be close couples dancing, expressing different ideas drawn from the original, as well as modern ideas about parity, and improvisation and natural body movements. The movement is very versatile and can take steps and inspiration from other dance styles. Dancing blues allows each person to connect with himself and his partner, through music and with its help, and express through the dance creativity and emotion.

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