All dance studio instructors are special people who think, breathe and live in a dance. Our instructors are people who spend most of their time in motion and dance during studio hours, dance parties, performances, professional dance courses, dance enrichment workshops, professional dance competitions, festivals around the world, and more. It’s all about dancing. They will be happy to share with you the great knowledge they have in the dance, and we give you the right to choose your teacher with who you connect with and can help you express yourself in dance.

Sean Ziv

Owner of the studio

As soon as he started walking, Sean started running, so the family legend tells. Since then he has loved everything related to body and movement. If he had the chance to do a degree in dancing he would.
Instead, Sean went to study biology at Bar Ilan University because at the time that was his interest. After completing his degree, he was able to continue his profession, but decided to work as a dance teacher at the Arthur Murray dance school. After three years he opened the studio “Sean Ziv” for ballroom dancing in Tel Aviv.
As a dance teacher, Sean has worked in large productions and TV shows such as “The Models”, “Biggest Losers”, clips for MTV, Batsheva Dance Company, and more.
Even today he is filled with joy from everything related to dance and movement, and this is one of the secrets of his success.
Aside from his passion for dance, Sean is known for his endless patience and his ability to make
everyone dance. Sean’s method of learning is unique and preserves pleasantness, with explanations and practice at eye level. To this day, there had not been a student that came to the studio and did not get out of it, even if he thought he had two left legs and that he would never learn to dance. Sean’s motto says that we all have a dancer who has not yet been discovered, and he proves it every day anew.

Owner of the studio

Anna grew up in a family whose religion was art. She immediately became a believer. Her studies were about classical music, dance and fine arts, and eventually the art of patience – teaching. She started learning couple dances when she was 10 and she spent her weekends in social dancing events which taught her the most fundamental things in dancing as well as in general in life – listening, communication, creativity and to be her true self.
She became a competition dancer and she won prizes with various partners for 10 years, but it didn’t give her as much satisfaction as the excitement of social dancing.
The urge of spreading the joy of dancing led her to teaching. She studied dance pedagogy in the Hungarian Dance Academy and continued to be an active social dancer in various styles – Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Kizomba, Ballroom dancing.

She taught many different groups of people with different needs, such as teenagers in high school, elders with physical difficulties, groups with Down syndrome and Autism, first graders, theater students, wedding couples, etc. Her vision for the future is to become a practitioner whose tool of healing is movement/dance therapy.

Anna Romvari

Alon Mugerman

Ballroom and Latin Instructor

Alon was the champion of the country’s championship in Ten Dance in 2013, 2015, and second place in Israel in the standard in 2016 and 2017. That’s how it is when you start dancing at the age of 5 and turn your dance into a way of life. Alon represented Israel in dance competitions abroad as a matter of routine, and achieved notable achievements in the field.
Alon discovered the magic of teaching ballroom dances and the joy of passing the professional knowledge on, and joined the studio team about five years ago.
“Every day the dance gives me a sense of satisfaction and happiness, and the ability to contribute from the knowledge I give to others fills me more than anything”.

Salsa and West Coast Swing Instructor

At some point in George’s life, he realized that what he loved from childhood, like painting, reading and listening to music was not enough for him. He realized that his degree in art was not his greatest achievement and that his whole life was still ahead of him. George decided he wanted to learn to dance. With this decision George came to the Dance Tel Aviv and asked to learn how to dance. He did not anticipate his total drift into the dance world and the happiness he would discover in him, and we did not expect the great talent he had hidden in him.
Today George is an instructor for West Coast Swing and Salsa.
“It was only a matter of time before I decided that I wanted to go even further, to discover the small details and the professional, and of course to share the joy of dancing with the rest of the world.” I want to quote the modern actor and singer Rene Diff, whose words have become my motto: Barbie, let’s go party!
“In other words, an invitation to leave all the troubles, jump onto the dance floor and dance with other happy people.”

George Sherwood

Gefen Zolberg

Lindy Hop Swing Instructor

Gefen has been dancing since the age of 3: classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, yoga, pilates, gaga, contact improvisation, tap and freestyle. She has been dancing Lindy Hop for 6 years and has been teaching for a year and a half, even though she has a senior masseuse certificate and a BA in psychology and sociology.
Gefen is in love with Lindy-hop, she always makes her way to go to international festivals. Gefen also organizes and produces local events, performs, builds choreographies for weddings and teaches dance to groups and private lessons. What attracts Gefen to the Lindy-Hop is the dance’s joy of life, the couple’s communication, the stimulating music and the rich culture it brings with it. The dance vine is a platform for music and media
games, accompanied by much joy and freedom for creative self-expression.
“I’m lucky to teach and enjoy finding the unique way for everyone to connect to the swing rate.”

A ballroom and Latin dance teacher

I started dancing at the age 6 and fallen in love with this field.
I represent Israel in the European and World Championships and was the Israel Champion in 2018 in Latin style.
Reached the semi-finals in the European Championship and semi-final in the World Championship Dancing is a big part of my life and I am happy to pass on the knowledge I have to so many people.

Sean Mashiah

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